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Craving Something Sweet? Try These Delicious Brownie Bites!

These truffle-like bites come together in less than 5 minutes! They have a velvety, caramel-like consistency and are so decadent that no one will suspect that they are healthy!

 Close up of bread

A very useful skill when travelling along our health seeking journey is being able to evaluate a recipe. Knowing what to look for and how to swap out and upgrade certain ingredients can turn a recipe from harmful to healthful without losing any of it's awesomeness.

What to Watch Out For:

Upgrade your ingredients and turn a recipe from harmful to healthful without losing its awesomeness.

This recipe contains maple syrup. You can swap that out for date syrup to take the healthfulness to the next level. Leaving out the salt and only using whole food toppings (ex. nuts instead of bar chocolate) are also excellent upgrades.

Be Careful Out There

Just because something says it is "vegan" or even "plant based" does not automatically make it healthy. Watch out for highly processed ingredients like white flour and oil. Keep a wary eye out for SOSs (salt, oil, and added sweeteners).


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