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In a Nutshell

Such a delicious and nutritious food, nuts pack a punch. They are oh-so-easy to overeat in their naked form.

Close up on avocados and green shake

This time of year it is easy to find nuts in the shell (at any local grocery store). These energy packed foods come in a serving size of about 7 to 9 individual pieces which seems small if eating the unshelled version, but if you get them in their natural form, you'll see that 7 to 9 nuts is a good serving size! To get the most out of your serving, try chopping up the nuts and using them as a topping on your meal!

Pick up a bad today and 'get cracking'!

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Interested in what the science has to say about the benefits of nuts? Check out Dr. Michael Greger's video on Nuts May Help Prevent Death


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