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Top 3 Things to Watch Out for in a Recipe

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

 Close up of bread

Top 3 Things to Watch Out for in a Recipe:

  1. SOSs. Added Salt, Oil, and added processed Sugar. Preferred sweeteners have their fiber intact.

  2. Highly processed ingredients. For examples, flours that were not made with a whole food. Anything that has been modified to remove some or all its fiber. Stick to ingredients that grew and use them as close to the way they grew as possible.

  3. Sauces. Be very careful. They can be extremely high in sodium as well as other not-so-great ingredients so they should be used sparingly.

SOSs, Highly Processed Ingredients and Sauces

When you search for recipes online, you will find there are literally millions. Try being a bit more specific with your queries. For example, see these two images:

Your first page results from the search will get better based on how specific you are. Some key search terms I like to include: “whole food plant based” and “no oil”

Alert! Just because something says “vegan” or “plant based” does not make it automatically healthy! Manufacturers are using “plant based” as a marketing ploy. Ignore all information on the front of the package and read your nutrition labels carefully. Click here for more information on best practices for nutrition label reading.

Next topic will be about how to upgrade a recipe. Taking what you eat and making it better is an excellent healthy and sustainable strategy!


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