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Success Story: How I Shed the Weight and Saved My Life

I was at my wit's end. I thought I was doing everything right! So why did I find myself at the doctor at my highest weight ever with STROKE level blood pressure?!

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The good news first. You are not alone. It is not weakness on your part. You CAN do this. Let me share my story.

The science was clear and it barely resembled anything I had been told.

What did I do when I discovered, despite my best efforts and following the "latest health recommendations," that I was in deep trouble?

Real Life

I floundered for a few months. It's true. My mind went back to its old familiar track. "I need to lose the weight, I need to lose the weight . . . " I was really good at losing weight by the way. Over the almost quarter century of my life previously I had lost an accumulation of hundreds of pounds and always put them back on - plus more. So, I tried that again . . . what's that old saying? The definition of insanity . . .

One day I got smart. I was done with this hamster wheel. It was time to get serious. So, I went directly to the science. I was tired of hearing people's interpretations of what the science said mixed in with their own biases and opinions. What I learned was fascinating. It was a little scary. The science was clear and it barely resembled anything I had been told . . . more . . .


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